Cris Carter reveals why fighting is hurting the NBA: ‘I do not tune into the NBA league pass to watch the UFC!’

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Reflecting on last night's NBA fight in the Orlando Magic - Minnesota Timberwolves game between Arron Afflalo and Nemanja Bjelica, Cris Carter reveals why fighting in the NBA is not good for the fans who love the game and overall league brand in general.

- This fight comes one day after Martin Luther King Day, where all these games are highlighted. You got 20 technicals. You got five ejections.

And I brought it up in the meeting yesterday. And let alone, I'm watching League Pass last night, and this breaks out. So for me as a fan, as a consumer of their product, there is a problem 'cause I do not tune in to NBA League Pass to watch UFC. That's not what I'm interested in.

- Here's the thing, though, CC, every other sport allows a level of fighting. And so you can say that--

- Where they fighting in the NFL?

- Man, we see not that type of punching. But we see guys hit-- slap face-- slap someone's face mask or do, like, an open-handed thing to the helmet and get a 15-yard penalty once every other game.

- Yeah, and two of those gets you thrown out of the game.

- Right.

CRIS CARTER: And you do have protection.

- Correct. Agreed. But there is--

- So but that's not fighting.

- Well--

- That's not fighting.

- That's the level of fighting most--

- That's a level of fighting I ain't heard of.

- Well, most NBA fights don't get to this level. Most NBA fights get to about the level--

- It gets to where-- they're not fighters, though.