Nick Wright weighs in on the report that several Cavaliers doubt their title chances after dropping 9 of 12

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In his discussion with Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe, Nick Wright weighs in on the report that several Cleveland Cavaliers doubt their title chances after dropping 9 of their last 12 games.

- Let me give a little context to the report. This was, it was very interesting., The Athletic, and all had the same story. And they all reported it as, some prominent players came to all three publications.

JENNA WOLFE: Three of them. Not even two. Three of them went to, like, a back room or something.

- Right. And so, I am certain this happened. This is not, you know-- these three different reporters from three competing publications--

JENNA WOLFE: Same story.

- --didn't create this conspiracy. So what clearly happened is, guys that matter on the Cavs, more than one, went to them and said, man, I don't know how we can beat Golden State. Like, that's what happened. They lost to Golden State. The night after the game, this story came out. The morning after that game, man, I don't know that we can beat these guys. And so, how concerned should we be?

Right now, they're right. Right now, the Cavs can't beat Golden State. Not with Isaiah Thomas not healthy. Not with LeBron and Kevin Love and Isaiah Thomas, that big three not being a big three at the moment. In fact, since Isaiah came back, it's reverted to a big one, really, because Kevin Love shrunk into the background.

But what those guys don't have-- because they're caught in the moment right now and having to answer questions about Golden State, having to compete with Golden State-- is the context of, this is no different than LeBron saying, on the record, we need a bleeping playmaker. That was a year ago last week. Or two years ago, when they decided they were so far from Golden State they fired their coach this time of the year.

Or three years ago, when they decided we need to make a major roster change, and they traded for Shump, JR, and Timothy Mosgov, who were huge in them even getting to the NBA finals. The players, at some point-- and you can't blame them for this-- they can't think about it contextually in the history of it. The only one who probably can is LeBron, because he's been to seven straight of these things. One thing I can guarantee you, LeBron wasn't one of these prominent players.