Nick Wright thinks the Falcons confirmed all the stereotypes of a ‘soft, finesse, dome football team’

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Nick Wright and Cris Carter talk Philadelphia Eagles and Atlanta Falcons after Saturday's game.

- I would love to sit here and give Philly credit. Because I have been skeptical of them. I was skeptical pre Carson Wentz injury. I was super skeptical post Carson Wentz injury. Now they won. They're going to host the NFC title game. So I'd love to sit here and talk about how the story is the Philadelphia Eagles. But that is not the story of this football game to me.

The story is the Atlanta Falcons confirming every negative stereotype of a soft finesse dome football team out in some cold weather. You score zero points in the second half? Philly has the running back fumble in the first drive of the game. They muff a punt early in the game. They put the ball on the ground four separate times early in this football game. And you have one touchdown the whole game? It's after the muffed punt? You don't have a single prolonged touchdown drive the entire football game? You were up at halftime of a playoff game where Nick Foles, the other quarterback. The other team doesn't even score a touchdown on the second half. They get two field goals. And you lose that game?

Other than Julio Jones, who showed up for Atlanta's offense? Matt Ryan, who is-- Julio Jones, by the way, had to be the Falcons' best offensive player. And because of the passes Matt Ryan was throwing, their best defensive player with three pass break ups early in the game. Like, it was-- this was an embarrassing performance for Atlanta, which had it all set up for them. You play well against the Rams. You don't seem ready. They don't give the ball to Todd Gurley. You then get to play the Eagles and Nick Foles for a chance to play the Vikings and go back to Super Bowl.