Cris Carter could not be happier for the Minnesota Vikings right now

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Cris Carter talks Minnesota Vikings after they beat the New Orleans Saints on Sunday to advance to the NFC Championship game.

- I thought myself, Randy Moss, Jake Reed, Robert Smith, I thought we were going to do it. I thought we were going to be able to put away the ghost of Alan Page, Ahmad Rashad, Sammy White, Fran Tarquin. But we weren't. All right? It wasn't our turn. But this team right here, it's the best team that the Vikings have had since 2009 where Brett Favre took them to the NFC championship and they lost to the Saints there. So I'm very excited for the team and for the organization. The Wolf family has done an amazing job. Also did a great job of getting me home last night.

- I'm just so happy for you, man. Like, I said this before the show. And I wasn't sure. I was debating in my head if I was going to say it on the air or not. But I'm just going to go with it. Not everyone that played for a football team would've basked in that moment the way you did. Like, for some guys, it would have been bittersweet, more on the bitter. Because you guys had some great teams that just didn't quite get there. And the way-- this one of my favorite pictures I've ever seen in life. You with the mascot. Because of the unabated joy on your face of the moment of accomplishments of people you care about. And I'm just-- I'm going to stop now, because we're early in the show and I don't want to make you too emotional. But it's--

- No, it's a great place. The people are amazing. And, man, that's the-- that's the damndest football game I've ever seen. I've been associated with football since I was eight years old. Tried to sign up when I was seven. And to be there, to witness it for those people. And it's what the people have done for my life. It's more than just football. Football took me there, and I was a kid. But they grew me up and made me a man. And to able to see them finally have some success, finally have the bad luck fall on someone else's side, finally for the card to come that their 5% chance, it came true. Yes, yes. My team! Yes. Not as no player. No, no. My football team, the team I cheer for, like millions of other fans do. Like, oh man. If I could have threw my clothes off and gotten naked and did a snow angel, oh my god. Man, it's amazing. It's--

- It was great, man.

- That is good stuff. Stick it back on. There it is.

- It's so great.

- Bring it home!

- CC, marinate.

- Oh, I need a nap.