Nick Wright reacts to the Cleveland Cavaliers’ blowout loss to the Toronto Raptors

In his reaction to the Cavs dropping 6 games out of their last 8 including last night's blowout loss to the Toronto Raptors, Nick Wright reveals to Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe why he's not being fooled by the Cavs' January skid.

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- What has to happen at this point for you to worry about the Cavaliers, Nick?

- Oh, no, I'm worried. I'm seriously worried about the Cavs. I mean, just-- let's just talk about some other teams in the East first. The Celtics, they're looking like the number one seed.

- Mm hm.

- They've got an MVP candidate at point guard who's as good as anybody in the League in the fourth quarter, and a number three pick of the draft, who's a surprise candidate for Rookie of the Year. The Raptors, looks like the best Raptors team of this era, with DeMar DeRozan playing at an all-star level. The Bucks are a potential scary 5, 6 seed.

And the Cavs are staring at LeBron's first losing month since his rookie sea-- oh wait, that's what everyone was saying last January, all of those things. And all of those things are true right now. The Celtics, they're the 1 seed, and they've got this MVP at point guard. The Raptors, this is a scary Raptors team. It's the best team of the era. And the Cavs, they might have a losing month.

It's-- we've never seen it before. That's what was going on last January, and people want me to be concerned this January. So I won't be. The fewest games you can play to get to the finals is 12. The Cavs, since LeBron has been back to Cleveland, have played 14, 14, 13. So the gap-- even if the Cavs have come back a little bit--

- OK.

- --and other teams have inched a little bit closer, the gap was so big, no, I'm not going to be fooled. I'm not going to let the January swoon concern me.

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