Jay Wright joins First Things First to preview No. 1 Villanova hosting No. 10 Xavier

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Jay Wright joins Cris Carter, Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe on First Things First to preview No. 1 Villanova hosting No. 10 Xavier and discuss how teams play you differently when you're ranked No. 1 in the country.

INTERVIEWER: So coach, we were just talking about you guys being ranked number one. I think some coaches mentality, they'd like to be able to play the underdog card, with the disrespect card. They would prefer their teams, if they're going to make the tournament either way, never achieve that number one ranking until the final poll of the year after the tournament.

And I'm sure there are certain coaches that say put the target on our back. It prepares our players best for the NCAA tournament. Do you subscribe to either school of thought there?

JAY WRIGHT: You're right. Normally, Nick, people around us go for both. Michigan State was losing the other night. I had people texting me, oh, no, we want them to win. We don't want to be number one. And

We look at it completely differently. That doesn't impact how we prepare either way. We understand it could impact our opponent sometimes.

But our goal is to keep getting better every day, keep getting better every game, and not have any fear of being number one but not have any fear of losing number once you're there. Because either way, we play Xavier tonight. It's going to be an awesome game. Great environment at the Wells Fargo Center here in Philly.

But win or lose we're coming back tomorrow and we want to get better. It's all about where we are at the end of the season. So we really don't let that affect us either way.