Cris Carter reveals why Alabama’s Nick Saban will not leave the Crimson Tide for the NFL

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In his discussion with Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe, Cris Carter reveals why Alabama's Nick Saban will not leave the Crimson Tide for the NFL.


CHRIS CARTER: Nick Saban, it's amazing how the most successful people-- I think we did a show and you guys had Bill Belichick walking away from New England. Now, Bill Belichick is two years younger than Nick Sabaan.

Now you have Nick Saban leaving his dynasty in Alabama. On the books it's reported he makes $11 million. Hmm. I'm just going to tell you I think it's significantly more than that.

So now you have him leaving Alabama. He's got a freshmen quarterback who just won him the national championship. He tied Bear Bryant with six national championships. In case he don't work out, he's got a sophomore that's taking him to a national championship.

He has the deepest roster in college football. He can control the roster. Nick Saban is already a professional coach. It's the professional team for the state of Alabama. That's who he coaches.