Cris Carter on Alabama’s OT win over Georgia: ‘This was a gutsy move by Nick Saban… This will add to his legacy’

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Reflecting on the No. 4 Alabama Crimson Tide defeating the No. 3 Georgia Bulldogs in an overtime victory to win the National Championship, Cris Carter reveals to Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe why Nick Saban's 6th title might not only be his most unconventional, but also his most impressive title yet.

- It's very impressive. It's totally unconventional, because what Alabama has done, they athlete you to death. They have more 5-star athletes on their roster than any other roster in college football. They have more depth. Not only depth at their skilled positions. We saw the depth at quarterback that they have.

- Yeah.

- But, man, their offense and defensive linemen. They've lost their starting left tackle. I mean, who else in college football-- I mean, we go over this in pro football all the time. Left tackle's gone? Oh, the offense is going to change. They put another guy in there, and they don't miss a beat. They put a freshman quarterback.

This is what you call at the power conferences when teams have a dynasty or teams have a--they dominate college football, you get over-recruited. So it hurts, as a quarterback. He struggles. He's taking them to a national championship, and the excitement at halftime goes to the true freshman. And they're getting better results because he's a better passer.

What a gutsy move by Nick Saban. And, to me, this will add to his legacy, because he did it on offensive standpoint. Nick has been so stubborn, I-formation, run the football. He is adverse risk. That means he's not going to run an offense that has a lot of chances of turning the football over.

That's why I thought it was a great marriage between him and Lane Kiffin. Lane's creativity, but Nick and the defense and the special teams, a winning formula. But, though, he-- he allowed the freshman, I mean, to throw the football like-- like I haven't seen him let veteran quarterbacks throw the football. McElroy, AJ McCarron, he didn't even let them throw the football the way he let this young kid throw the ball, and I was impressed with that.

- And it was almost out of necessity.

- Yes.

- I mean, I don't know whether they wanted to, but it was they couldn't-- Georgia has the athletes up front. They-- even with Bo Scarbrough and that great stable of running backs, they weren't having the success. They didn't-- he didn't want to change quarterbacks. He didn't want to all of a sudden chuck the ball around. But he had no choice.

- But as long as he's been coaching, this is not something that Nick Saban does.

- Correct.

- And, for him, in that moment to be able to realize, our best chance or path to victory is to-- is through Tula and throwing the football, that-- that-- that--