Nick names the 5 QBs he would take over Cam Newton

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Nick Wright talks QB Cam Newton after the Carolina Panthers lost to the New Orleans Saints on Sunday in the 2018 NFL Playoffs.

NICK WRIGHT: You mentioned the--

- Take off those sunglasses, though.


- That's not necessary.

NICK WRIGHT: You mentioned the offensive weapons. And let's also not forget the offensive line. Like you've talked about how good, how much better the Vikings' offensive line is this year than last year.

- Yeah. They replaced four of them.

NICK WRIGHT: Right. One of the guys they replaced, Matt Kalil, Carolina gives him five years, $55 million to be Cam's left tackle. After the game, Cam Jordan called him a speed bump. The biggest play of the game, the intentional grounding play, now Cam-- I mean, Cam had no hope on that play. Now Cam responded after that intentional grounding play, to what? I thought he threw a pretty damn good pass to Devin Funchess that Funchess just couldn't adjust for.

This is why I've always been a supporter of Cam. I've loved watching him play. When he plays well, he's as good as anybody in football. And he does things and takes hits and gets first downs with his legs unlike any other quarterback in the league.

I left that game feeling the same way that I went going into that game, which is there are five quarterbacks in this league that I would take over Cam Newton-- Brady, Ben, one of them he was going against yesterday, Brees, Rodgers, and Russell Wilson. That's the list. Now six through 10 we can argue about. I think Cam's the next guy on that list. Cam had to do everything.

And people say, oh, he's got this great defense. Over the last seven weeks of the year, they had the dead last defense in the league. Dead last pass defense in the league showed up yesterday. Oh, they have this great running game. Take away Cam's rushing stats, and it's the 31st ranked running game in the league.

Like McCaffrey-- he made a big play. And McCaffrey had a good game catching the ball. Greg Olsen's a good player. But we are now talking about really in the margins. Cam did have to do all of that just to keep the Panthers close.

So there's a lot of-- people like blaming people after a wild card loss. There is blame to go around, I suppose. But I don't see any of it that falls on Cam.

- Yeah, Cam's--