Cris Carter explains why he doesn’t see Bill Belichick coaching the Giants next season

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Cris Carter talks with Nick Wright about Bill Belichick's future in the NFL. Will we see the New England Patriots head coach in New York next season?

- Yes, absolutely. Why would he want to work for another owner? Why would he want to do that? Why would he want to change-- He can't change the culture in the Giants. How long does it take him to do that? Three-- Three years? 2 and 1/2 years? I mean, I don't think Belichick's in the position where he does not like his situation, as far as with the Kraft family. He is the general manager. He manages the salary cap. He controls everything in New England.

And I don't think Bill would be interested in coming to New York. Bill's got the Boston media under control. All right? The national media that comes to Boston, they're under control, because he has set kind of a template for how everything's going to be conducted there. I don't think he can recreate that anywhere else. And I think his relationship with Mr. Kraft-- now, you have to realize, too. Tom Brady's statement saying that, you know, this is just noise-- well, I've been around long enough, Tom. I've covered your whole career almost. I was here when Spygate happened.

Remember that? Remember-- "Oh, nothing happened there. Oh, they're just rumors. People don't like us." Hmm? What about Deflategate? I was around when that happened, too. Remember that? "People spreading rumors about us. No one touched the balls." Hmm? Got penalized for both of those.

Now, all of the sudden, they're saying there's a riff. I'm not surprised by that, because all relationships-- marriage, business-- you have tough times. But Mr. Kraft realizes he has someone special in Belichick. Belichick can't be forced to trade Garoppolo before the trade deadline, because it didn't make sense to keep him once they had started the season. They couldn't franchise him. They had offered him a long-term contract. So the only solution, when you get into the last week of the trade deadline, was to trade Jimmy.

Now to say that Kraft forced him, I don't know if all that's true. So, there is some truth to the story. How much of it is true when worrying about Belichick going to the Giants? I have zero worries about him being the coach of the New York Giants in 2018.