Cris Carter unlocks Brady’s message to Belichick and why Brady’s relationship with Kraft is a double edge sword

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Reflecting on the time he spent with New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft abroad, Cris Carter reveals to Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe why Tom Brady's special relationship with Mr. Kraft is a double edged sword. Additionally, Cris Carter uncovers Tom Brady's subtle message to Bill Belichick and why it's so crucial to their coach - player dynamic.

CRIS CARTER: First things first, I'm not surprised by the situation. People, they would like to think that Bill Belichick is different than the guy that's at the podium. Now, we know that that is part shtick. But as a human being, now, I would call myself to have known some of the greatest coaches that have ever played a coach this game. And Bill Belichick is different than any of those coaches that I've ever been associated with or know.

Even the guy who mentored him, Bill Parcells-- now, Bill Parcells, all these coaches-- take this the right way-- are some kind of crazy, just like all the football players playing in the NFL are some kind of crazy. But his type of craziness has to do with control. And also, I believe that he loves to control the narrative, as far as the news.

So to me, this means he's going to control how New England's run. He runs the 53 man roster. Oh, excuse me. No, he doesn't. He runs the 52 man roster, because the relationship with Robert Kraft supersedes Bill Belichick's authority on that roster.

And as you can see with some of the reports, which I knew the reason why Tom Brady-- and I had been telling Nick this-- why he's been adamant he's going to play four or five more years, he was sending the message to Belichick, [INAUDIBLE] you can't get rid of me. And he was also sending the message as far as his TB12, all this stuff, this training stuff, that I'm going to keep playing. And the only way I'm not going to keep playing is if Bill Belichick forces me out.

But he can't force him out because the relationship with Mr. Kraft and Tom Brady. Mr. Kraft wants Tom Brady to retire as a Patriot. He does not want to see him do the Joe Montana, or some of the other greats that we have seen in sport.

- And CC, just to explain to the audience, the relationship between Mr. Kraft and Brady, in between Robert Kraft and Brady is not your typical owner-player relationship. It's not even your typical owner-legend relationship. How did you describe the relationship to make?

CRIS CARTER: A father-son.

- OK.

CRIS CARTER: And there's very seldom do you see accomplished people who have great relationships with their kids and their kids are very successful that they verbally, publicly adopt people into the-- into the family.