Cris Carter unveils the keys to the NFC Wild Card matchup between the Atlanta Falcons and the LA Rams

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In his conversation with Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe, Cris Carter previews the NFC Wild Card matchup between the Atlanta Falcons and the Los Angeles Rams, noting that this year's Ram's team very much resembles the Atlanta Falcons who went to the Super Bowl last year.

CRIS CARTER: I mean, it's a good question.

- What do they need to know?

CRIS CARTER: This is the key to the game. We might be watching the Atlanta Falcons, but we might be watching them playing in a Rams uniform. What do you mean, Chris?

I think the 2017 Rams could be the version of the Atlanta Falcons that we saw last year that went to the Super Bowl. If you look at where Atlanta was mid-season last year-- the run they went on the last six, eight games, including the playoffs-- if you look at the personnel, the story of the Rams, why couldn't they duplicate, given that Wentz is out, Vikings don't have a starter? Why couldn't they do it?

I mean, they've had the type of regular season. They've had some monumental wins. They haven't shown the lack of football maturity that a young team with the youngest coach that we've ever seen in the National Football League, so why couldn't they do it?

- They're the highest scoring team, like the Falcons were last year. They have a balance passing and rushing attack, like the Falcons did last year.

CRIS CARTER: So, for me, last team I ever played on that was like this, man, we only didn't score 28 points twice. So the key to the game is scoring and especially early-- if they can get 10 points in the first quarter, because it puts so much pressure on Atlanta. Atlanta's last playoff game they have not forgotten.

And if you can put them in a chase mode, this defense is not good-- as good playing catch up and the pressure. There's more pressure on the Falcons to try to redeem from the Super Bowl hangover than it is for Jared Goff in his second season, in his first playoff game, Sean McVay in his first playoff game. The Coliseum will be popping on Sunday.

The pressure is on the Falcons. And if the Rams can get off to a fast start, being the explosive team that they are, they could blow Atlanta out in this game.

- This-- go ahead, Jenna.

- I was just going to ask sort of a follow up question. Is it off the table then that the Falcons, who-- really the only difference between this year and last year is their offensive coordinator, who is off making Jimmy Garoppolo look amazing. But if it's the same group of guys, is it off the table that they're suddenly going to find out what, you know, rediscover what they had last year and all of a sudden start putting up the big numbers?

CRIS CARTER: No, they're not going to do that because their offensive line is not as good. And Matty Ice does not have the ability in this system to go to the third, fourth, and fifth option. That's what we see.

Freeman's stats, they didn't suffer as much. Julio's stats didn't suffer. But when you look at the receiver number two, Sanu, his numbers did suffer.

- OK.

CRIS CARTER: Coleman, the running back, his numbers suffered. And that offensive line, we don't talk about it. Their offensive line has not been good, and all we do is criticize Matty Ice.

- Right.

CRIS CARTER: But the line has been poor.