Nick reacts to the report that Belichick was furious at Robert Kraft for making him trade Jimmy G and keep Brady

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In his conversation with Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe, Nick Wright reacts to the controversial report that Bill Belichick was furious at Robert Kraft for making him trade Jimmy Garoppolo and keep Tom Brady.

- Now some context for this very long and great-- I don't know Seth Wickersham. But he has written some monsters in the last 18 months. So I want to give him a ton of credit. He's a great investigative reporter. So some context for why would the Brady-Kraft relationship cause some issues. Well, let's talk about the Brady-Belichick relationship. According to this story, Tom Brady has not once this year been awarded Patriot of the Week. That might sound petty, CC.

CRIS CARTER: Next week, he's going to win MVP of the NFL.

- Wait, who gives out Patriot of the Week?

- Belichick gives out Patriot of the Week--

- And the coaching staff.

NICK WRIGHT: The coaching staff.

- They take the input of the coaching staff.

NICK WRIGHT: Every week. All right. So there's that. Belichick made Brady's, not just his trainer, the man Brady made godfather to one of his kids, persona non grata at the facility. So that's going on. Now let's talk about Belichick's relationship with Garoppolo. Belichick was already talking about the things, if I may say, that I was talking about before the year, which is Brady's 40 years old. We know the track record of this.

- Right.

- What is the succession plan? And we think Garoppolo can be a star. Talked about Garoppolo, that he had the ability to be a top 10 player in the league. So Brady's relationship with Garoppolo according to this report. Brady would not mentor Garoppolo. Brady had a set--

- Which shouldn't be surprising.

- Right. Well, I mean it was--

- People see what they want to see. But in an NFL locker room, typical veterans are not grooming the guy to take their job. What I did for Randy Moss is not the norm.

- OK. Fair enough. I think people-- you weren't surprised, CC? I think most people were surprised by that because of how Brady is presented publicly and how we think of it. Even if it is the norm, CC, I'm just telling you, I think how the fans view it.

How about this? After Garoppolo got hurt last year, he sets up an appointment with Brady's trainer at TB12. He goes there. No one's there. Door's locked. Appointment canceled without notice on him. He's confused by it. He has to wait two weeks to go see the guy. So that's going on.

You then bring up as CC mentioned, Belichick always wants full control of the roster. And according to this report, Robert Kraft had a meeting with Bill Belichick right before the trade deadline. A meeting that was scheduled to go amount of hours went 3X amount of hours to where it threw off Belichick's entire day. They didn't have-- the mandate is you have to trade Jimmy Garoppolo. Belichick leaves it furious and demoralized, trades him to a place that he thinks is best for Garoppolo, not necessarily best for the Patriots, not necessarily best for the future. When Belichick--

CRIS CARTER: He did Garoppolo a solid.

- Did him a solid.

- He did. He said--

- Called a guy that he knows. Text him and said call me. Now just imagine that. You get a text from Bill Belichick right before the trade deadline saying call me.

- And so now you have a scenario, and I want to give one of our teammates, Collin Cowherd, credit because he broached this publicly earlier than many people were about a month ago. We on this show said, I mean, this doesn't make sense. Why do you trade Jacoby Brissett for essentially nothing if you know you might trade Garoppolo? Why do you not have-- you went from having the best quarterback situation in football, according to Bill Belichick, to one guy. And he's a 40-year-old. Well, now OK.

So if Belichick feels like he's been meddled with and he feels like I've built this and now power's being removed from me, OK. How about this? How about the nice little project quarterback Jacoby Brissett, he's gone. The future star quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo, he's gone. Offensive coordinator, Josh McDaniels, I'm going to do everything I can to get him a job. Defensive coordinator, Matt Patricia, I'm going to do everything I can to get him a job, and then maybe I walk out as well.

And what you're left with in New England is Kraft and a 41-year-old quarterback in Tom Brady. That to me looks like where this is headed, which is jarring. But based on the story, it's hard for me, CC, to draw any other conclusion.