The Cleveland Browns hold the keys to the careers of Josh Rosen and Sam Darnold, Nick Wright explains

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Looking forward to the NFL draft, Nick Wright reveals to Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe why the Cleveland Browns hold the keys to potentially molding the career trajectories of either UCLA Bruins QB Josh Rosen or USC Trojans QB Sam Darnold.

- So well, there's one team that's going to have to decide who of these two they like more is the Cleveland Browns at number one. Assuming they're going to draft a quarterback. I would think they would. Sashi Brown, I think, got fired because he didn't draft a quarterback in the first round. Go ahead, CC.

- Yeah, they're gonna draft a quarterback, but we can't be just consume that someone doesn't come up the charts and slide in front of Josh Rosen or Sam Darnold, Sam Darnold, which I believe, Josh Allen is someone who's gonna take a flyer. He could be the guy as we go through these next five months of trying to tear these guys' games apart, Josh Allen might be have the biggest upside, and someone might decide to reach for him ahead of these other two.

- Listen, you're totally right that a guy could come out of nowhere.

- Based on a source.

- Based on a source. Well, and-- how about this? Based on recent history. People didn't see Mitch Trubisky being the first quarterback taken at this point last season. That is not what people-- people were-- people held. People didn't see Pat Mahomes gonna before Deshaun Watson. Like things-- weird things happen.

- Carson Wentz. They weren't high on him.

- North Dakota State guy. Similar not-- North Dakota state is smaller than Wyoming as far as schools. But another guy-- people didn't know a lot about. People were much more focused on Jared Goff, who I guess did go ahead of him. But if I were the Browns and it was between these two guys, which I think at least as of now it most likely will be, I am a Josh Rosen fan.

Now I will admit I don't think there's anybody that is great at saying this college player's at quarterback is gonna be awesome. This guy's not. If they were, he would be running an NFL team. And I don't see an NFL team that consistently gets this one right.

We give all this respect to the Patriots. Look, man, well, they got Brady. Yeah, after they passed on him five times. They got Jimmy Garoppolo. Yeah, that's true after they also drafted Ryan Mallett. They drafted-- they drafted a bunch of guys that they missed on.

The reason I like Rosen though, just to be quick, is I've seen Rosen improve each year of his collegiate career. Darnold was at his best seemingly last year, and this year got worse, in at least statistically, every category. He had lower completion percentage. Threw fewer touchdowns. More interceptions.

So even if like Rosen's overall body of work might be slightly more-- I'm sorr-- Darnold's overall body of work might be slightly more impressive than Rosen's, I see Rosen on the uptick and Darnold not-- not the same trajectory. So if I were to have to choose between the two, I'm a Josh Rosen guy.