Nick Wright reacts to Jimmy G’s future with 49ers

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Nick Wright explains to Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe why the San Francisco 49ers should pay Jimmy Garoppolo top dollar and compares the last two 49ers quarterbacks.

- He's about to get an enormous amount of money, and I think he should. This team was 1 in 10. It looked DOA. He inspired the defense. CC said he made the hot dogs taste better.

- Steph's favorite line, by the way.

- They have their quarterback. They got him for a second round pick, and now they're gonna have to pay him. I just-- I'm gonna take a slight left turn here. I'mma do one of your favorite things, one of these blind stat tests, if you will. And I'm gonna reveal to the audience, by the way, one of these people is Jimmy Garoppolo. Because now that we're at the end of the season, I think it's a good time to maybe put a little capstone on a conversation we've been having all year.

Show the stats if you would, please. I'mma reveal it to you, the guy on the left's Jimmy Garoppolo. In the last six games played by these two players, Garoppolo's got slightly better completion percentage, a few more yards. The guy on the right's--

JENNA WOLFE: If it's Tom Brady, I'm leaving the show.

NICK WRIGHT: The guy on the right's-- you might leave anyway-- the guy on the right's got a better--

CRIS CARTER: Tom Brady would love those stats.

NICK WRIGHT: --touchdown/interception ratio. I'm gonna tell you why you might leave, Jenna. You'll understand once you see the pictures. Passer ratings are identical, last six games played for these two guys. Show America who these two players are.

CRIS CARTER: (SHOCKINGLY) Whoa, whoa, whoa, who is that guy?

NICK WRIGHT: For the same team. And--

CRIS CARTER: Oh my goodness!

NICK WRIGHT: --for both of those guys, by the way, it's five full games-- leave it up, if you would for a moment-- five full games and one game they barely played. For Jimmy G, it was his first game. For Kaepernick, it was a snow storm game where he only threw four passes.

Listen, Colin Kaepernick's not as good as Jimmy Garoppolo. But for that same franchise, Cris Carter, you just said what Jimmy Garoppolo did is gonna get him five years, $125 million.


- We are now done with the season. Colin Kaepernick finished his season like that--

- Mm-hmm.

- --and couldn't get a job, will never play in the league again. And I know it has not been a story the last two months. Now the season's over, we're gonna be turning the page to the postseason. I just wanted to remind America, while we talked about so many non sequiturs, so many things that didn't have to deal with who's good at football, think about the quarterbacks you watched on television this year. Think about how many guys were out there getting shot.

I watched a guy named David Fales in week 17, who had a very apropos last name. We watched a guy named Nate Peterman play. We've watched, this year, bad quarterback after bad quarterback cost their team games.

A guy who had the exact same passer rating, for the exact same team, over the exact same number of games-- final six games-- as Jimmy Garoppolo, cannot get a job in this league. That will be part of the memory of the 2017 season, at least for me.