Nick Wright reacts to Isaiah Thomas’ impressive performance in season debut

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Nick Wright, Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe discuss Isaiah Thomas' debut. Thomas scored 17 points with 3 assists in the Cleveland Cavaliers win against the Portland Trailblazers.

- Isaiah Thomas knows that last year, he had a better year than Kyrie Irving. He was an All NBA second teamer, Kyrie was not All NBA first, second, or third team. He averaged more points than Kyrie. He shot a better percentage than Kyrie.

And yet, in this trade, it was Boston that had to give up not-- it wasn't Kyrie for IT straight up. Boston had to include Jae Crowder. Boston had to include that Nets pick, because that's how much more Boston valued Kyrie, who last year, statistically was not as good as Isaiah Thomas in the trade.

What I saw for-- fro Isaiah Thomas and the Cavs last night was, to me, nothing short of player. A player that size, coming off that injury, playing with that flow--

- A significant hip injury.

- A significant hip injury.

- That cost him the back end of the playoff series against Cleveland.

- And, Cici, also cost him what you talk all the time, practice time, training time, the time to get acclimated to a new team.

- He's just getting in his prime. Now, he is a late bloomer.

- Yeah.

- I mean, he's been in this prime about 2 and 1/2, three years. He's just becoming and realizing that he's a star in the NBA. He's always thought that he was good. But until you get in the right position, until you actually do it in the game, you can have as much confidence as you want. But he's got a couple years where he's gotten the respect of NBA and the NBA colleagues.

- And to be able to do what he did-- I knew he'd be able to hit open threes. There was a moment in the, I think, late third quarter, LeBron found him in the corner. Actually, LeBron found JR who then kicked it to Isaiah in the corner, open three in the corner. He knocked it down.

But early in the game, when he drove to the basket and went off-balance left-handed, scoop shot--

- Yes, off the pick and roll.

- He was so good at those things last year. And I was-- I don't want to say worried for him-- and great job by our video department showing the play right there. That-- to be able to do that in your first game back is spectacular.