Greg Jennings shares his concerns with the Eagles heading into the NFL playoffs

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Nick Wright and Cris Carter welcome in Greg Jennings to talk Philadelphia Eagles heading into the NFL playoffs.

- I mean they should feel good. They obviously don't feel as good as they would if their guy, Wentzylvania, was at the helm. But everyone would love to have him quarterbacking at this point in the season. But the nature of the game, this is what-- this is what makes you a great team, when you can go to your depth, when you go to your bench, and you can still have success.

When I look at the Eagles, I still think they're a contender, not as much as I thought obviously with Carson Wentz at the helm. Their offense looks drastically different. And when I look at this team I thought, with Carson Wentz, they're a lock for the Super Bowl. Without Carson Wentz, I don't know if they make it out-- out of the first round, because of the way they have been-- they've been playing or they got the bye, the divisional round.

- Their first playoff game.

- Their first playoff game. Because of the way they've been sputtering on offense, they can't move the ball. They can't put the ball in the end zone. And when you look at all the weapons that they have, you're almost baffled at the fact that there would be such a major drop-off. but Nick Foles just hasn't been in sync with his-- with his receivers. Their offense looks completely different without Carson Wentz at the helm.