Nick reveals the significance of LeBron talking to Lonzo after the Cavs’ win over the Lakers

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Reflecting on the burgeoning relationship between LeBron James and Lonzo Ball, Nick Wright reveals to Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe why it was so special to see The King talking to the Los Angeles Lakers rookie PG.

- My biggest takeaway was actually not what happened during the game. Lonzo was about what I expected, some moments of wow, some great passes, and some moments of OK, we see why he's stopping and starting. LeBron, about what you expected. As Cici mentioned, you don't expect to see him to go one of six from three. But you also-- that's on the bad side. On the good side, you don't expect him to have 12 rebounds and 12 assists.

But it was not shocking LeBron went 25, 12, and 12. It wasn't shocking, and that's a compliment to Lonzo, that he went 13, eight, and 11. The eight and 11 are really impressive. But it was after the game, because LeBron clearly takes very seriously his position in the league, the face of the league, the best player in the league, the standard bearer in the league--

- And mentor.

- Well, and a guy, absolutely, a mentor for guys that are in his circle. I don't think Lonzo's in his circle. But what Lonzo clearly is is a guy that has been very vocal that this is the player he looked up to. And when LeBron came in league, Lonzo was-- I know this is going to sound crazy-- Lonzo was five years old. So Lonzo's entire memory, Lebron's been in the league and playing at a high level. I said yesterday that I thought LeBron would, instead of going out of his way to go one on one against Lonzo, he would avoid those situations.

And I don't know if he avoided them, but I do know this. Lonzo didn't guard LeBron in a single possession where LeBron shot the ball all game long. He didn't get switched in a pick and roll [INAUDIBLE] all game long. And then after the game, LeBron going out of his way to talk to him-- and it was a weird thing. He didn't want people to see what he was saying, but he clearly was cool with people seeing they were talking, right?

He can talk to Lonzo anytime anytime. He can talk to him after the game where people aren't around. He does it on the court on national TV. That was-- and I don't know what is.

- It's a lot easier to do it after the game because you don't want-- because you've got obligations media-wise after the game. You don't want to go to their locker room, because that's the the best place. If you're going to talk to him, that's the best place to talk to him.

- Agreed. But we've also-- that was a-- and guys dap up and say what's up after the game. That was an extended one-way conversation of LeBron, I'm sure talking about some of the scrutiny, talking about some of the spotlight. I don't know if the family stuff came into it. But I really liked seeing that because the NBA is better when it's most talented players reach their potential. And seeing the most talented best player in the league figuratively putting his arm around a guy who could be one of the most talented players in the league, and giving him some, what would appear guidance after the game, I thought it was a really cool moment in the league.