Nick Wright’s reasonable expectations for Aaron Rodgers this weekend

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Nick Wright talks Aaron Rodgers ahead of the Green Bay Packers game against the Carolina Panthers during Week 15.

- So here are reasonable expectations, he'll be the best player on the field. Guess what? That's the expectations for every game Aaron Rodgers plays. And I know you're playing a Carolina Panthers team that, when we talk about the Panthers, we focus on my guy Cam, but the best part of that team is that defense, that defense that just had a great win against Minnesota, defense that has been carrying them throughout the year, because this has been in a down year for Cam Newton.

Go get it, Aaron. Go get it against about as healthy as the Panthers defense has been. Now, thankfully-- you guys know I like using history as a guide. We have a bit of history here. We saw Aaron Rodgers miss almost the exact same amount of time in 2013.

- Mm-hmm.

- He came back in a must-win game. This is a must-win game for them. It was week 17. It was Chicago Bears. Win and you're in to the playoffs Aaron threw for 320 yards, two touchdowns, 64% completions. It was great.

The one yeah-but of that game, threw a couple of picks, which for Aaron Rodgers-- he had a season where he only threw four picks all year. Like, throwing two picks in a game is a rarity for him. So you saw a little bit of-- I don't know if it's rust or just lack of timing, that he tip-- you typically weren't used to.

But they won that game. He led them to a game-winning score, including making a brilliant play late in the game. So it was one of the iconic plays of the season. I expect more of the same from Aaron Rodgers, even if they don't win.