Cris Carter thinks Dak’s struggles will put the label as ‘game manager’ on him for a long time

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Cris Carter talks Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys ahead of their Week 15 game against the Oakland Raiders.

- I agree with Jerry just a smidgen. And that is, after going through this, and to echo what you said, yes, you do learn and grow as a player. He struggled. He has struggled without Ezekiel Elliott. The Cowboys have struggled without Ezekiel Elliott. But to me, this struggle also will put a label on Dak for a long time. That he's not an elite thrower of the football. That he is only a game manager. He can only play when he has elite talent. It's not like we're going to have the same thing we were saying about Aaron Rodgers. You know, cause Aaron-- but, so, in this window that Jerry thought that he got better, yes, he might have. But he also got a label.

And also, let me tell you at another time this is going to come up. When you Ezekiel Elliott in Dak Prescott's contract comes up. Hmm. Which one is more valuable? All right? Now these games will be very, very telling. Now we've got a couple of years before we get to that point. But I'll be doing TV on that day. And I will remember the time that they struggled without Ezekiel Elliott. And then I will begin to answer the question, Jenna will ask me, Chris, who's more valuable?

So, in doing this, yes, he did get better. But also, Ezekiel Elliott's value to the franchise? It went way, way, way, way up.