Nick Wright reacts to LiAngelo and LaMelo Ball signing with Lithuanian pro team Prienu Vytautas

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In his discussion with Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe, Nick Wright reacts to LiAngelo and LaMelo Ball signing with Lithuanian pro team Prienu Vytautas.

- Listen, you had to find a league where they let them play together. And that they'd take on a 16-year-old child. And so, Fran [INAUDIBLE], who knows a lot more about this than me--

- Yeah, give us a little context. I don't think a lot of people fully understand what-- what it means to play overseas in--

- So people say, oh, go play in Europe. But there's over a dozen leagues in Europe. Fran [INAUDIBLE] ranked the top 12 leagues that aren't the NBA. Lithuania's LKL came in number 11th, right behind Australia's National Basketball League and right in front of the Chinese Basketball Association.

- Well they were 12-- you got to move the 12, because they couldn't go to China.

- Oh correct. That's a good point. Touche.

- He's banned from China. Yeah.

- Also keep in mind, that's the LKL. And they will be playing in the second division, most likely, the BBL, where players make approximately $500 a month. And they'll be living in a town with approximately 10,000 people. You know what this sounds great for? A reality television show. The Ball Brothers Abroad. And that's what-- listen. It's a weird thing. Cause I'm a parent. And I have a 19-year-old, 12-year-old. The 12-year-old doesn't really get to make any of her own decisions. Like, we let her think she does. But you know, we are-- the 19-year-old gets to make some of his own decisions. But as long as he is living on my payroll, like, I have veto power.

So 16 is kind of in between. So I do understand that sometimes a parent needs say, you don't want to do this. It's not your choice. You need to do this. But if you are going to do that, you better be right. You better have good rationale. You better have pure motives. And I know people get mad. Oh, don't try to raise someone else's kids. I get that. I understand that. But I am watching this from afar. And I am-- it was so-- the juxtaposition of this-- good job to our producers in the back. I think this is what Deonte does, putting these things next to each other. Talking about the Ohio State thing, your experience there. And now, the experience they're not having at UCLA.