Cris Carter reacts to Seattle’s win over Philadelphia on Sunday night

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Cris Carter talks Eagles after they lost on Sunday night.

JENNA WOLFE: Let's start with the Eagles, CC, you still believe they're the NFC's best team after what happened last night?

CRIS CARTER: Well, I think that it's not fair for the Eagles if we try to judge them different than we've judged the other teams. If you talk about the most consistent, the Philadelphia Eagles have been right there. You're talking about Offense and defensive dominance, they've been right there as far as one of the top teams.

I didn't see anything last night that would change my opinion, because if we look at the season and you say, in week number 13, Philadelphia, regardless of what our expectations for Philadelphia were, they're going to go to Seattle and play a Sunday night game. And say, oh, they're going to lose that game.

Oh, there's a great possibility of that, how good Seattle's been. But the reason that we look at it a little bit different is because Seattle hadn't been great at home. Seattle has a bunch of injuries, with their offensive line, how would that go against Philadelphia when their strength's their defensive line.

So it didn't play out that way. Seattle played a phenomenal game. They went at this game as if they're a team that's been in the playoffs the last five or six years. Like they have the experience. They needed to say is there a must win situation. Seattle had to win this game. And they got off to the great start, got the crowd support behind them, got the early lead. Philadelphia couldn't track them down at the end. But very impressed with what Seattle did.

My expectation for Philadelphia had not changed. It's either them, New Orleans, and potentially the Rams. But them, the Vikings have the-- they can get the number one seed. So who do I think is better? I still think Philadelphia might be a little bit better than the Vikings because of their quarterback, who to me last night didn't disappoint at all. He just went against the guy, in Russell Wilson, who was phenomenal.

JENNA WOLFE: Phenomenal.

CRIS CARTER: I mean, off the charts. Jenna, one of the first things that you wanted to learn from us when we started this show was like, when you guys say when the offense is off schedule, Jenna last night's game, that video, is inside of the football almanac trying to explain, when the--

JENNA WOLFE: What off schedule is.

CRIS CARTER: --yeah, when the offense is off schedule and you need-- Russell Wilson and what he did last night, he neutralized that rush, very exciting for Seattle. Now my expectations for Philadelphia have not disappointed. But their game in Los Angeles is even bigger now, because they're on the west coast for this two game road trip. They have to get a split.