Vikings WR Stefon Diggs reveals what Teddy Bridgewater’s return to the gridiron means for Minnesota

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Joining Cris Carter, Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe n First Things First, Vikings WR Stefon Diggs reveals what Teddy Bridgewater's return to the gridiron means for Minnesota.

- From what I see, he looks great. You know, as far, like, his body, you know, the shape that he's in, it seems like he's all cut up now. You know, he's built a little different. He's been hitting the gym for a while.

So to see him out there running around, making plays, making throws, you know, it's exciting. You know, to see a guy's story like that, it's, like you know, a walking inspiration for all of us, especially how he battled. How he came back, and to see him now with a smile on his face and back doing what he loves, you know, it's definitely heartwarming for us.

- Stef, I need you to do me a favor, and I know it wasn't a good day. But I need you to take me back to the day--

- Yeah.

- That Teddy blew out his knee, the reaction of the team. And because we weren't there, what would it mean for you and guys who are really close to Teddy-- Case deserves to be the quarterback. But what would it mean for-- to see Teddy out there wearing that Vikings uniform as the starting quarterback?

- Well, the day that it did happen, you know, it was probably one of the hardest things I've seen. Because, as you know, I had 8, I was running the 8, I was running the post. And as he dropped back, I guess it was play action, and he kind of, like, stumbled a little bit. And then everybody just got quiet.

So as I'm running 20 yards down the field, I looked back, and I see him on the ground. And you couldn't hear anything, nobody was saying nothing, no words being said. And it was definitely a rough time, because, you know, that's one of my close friends, as well. He's-- and everybody know he's a great guy, great person. And it hurt, it definitely did hurt. Then everybody started thinking about football afterwards, and how the season was going to go, and xyz.

But it was definitely a rough time. But to see him go back out there, you know, it's definitely going to be something-- something huge, something, for us, monumental. Because to see-- you know, go through that with him, and to see him go down, but when the time does happen, and he-- and he suits up and goes back out there, it's definitely going to be happy for everybody.

But you know, as far as like right now, I trust-- I trust whoever they put back there. You know, I got 100% faith. That's my good friend. When he is back out there, you know, I'll be rooting for him like I am now.