Nick explains what learning from LeBron could do for Ben Simmons’ game and the basketball world

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In his conversation with Chris Broussard, Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe, Nick Wright reveals why Ben Simmons' game is so much like LeBron's and what learning from The King could do for the Philly rookie if LeBron joins him on the 76ers.

- You know where I wanted Kevin Durant to go? Minnesota. Because of the same thing you're talking about with LeBron and Philly. You go there now, you're the best player. Karl Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins are second and third. But as you age out of it, then, at one point, you're the second best player, and Towns is the best. Then at one point, you're the third best player, and Wiggins is the second best.

Like, the ages worked well, given the trajectories of their career. It's the same reason the LeBron Philly thing is so interesting. And for me, as a-- forget that I'm a LeBron fan. As a basketball fan, Ben Simmons is having the best rookie year anyone's had since Blake Griffin-- Blake Griffin. Now, they both had the benefit of, their rookie year was really year two.

But so Simmons is going to be awesome no matter what. But Ben Simmons, whose game is most similar to LeBron, as far as being able to do all three-- all different phases of the game-- him learning from LeBron could unlock a piece of him that would just be great for basketball fans worldwide.