Chris Broussard reveals the three best teams where LeBron James could go and why he’d leave the Cavs

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Joining Cris Carter, Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe, Chris Broussard unveils the three teams where LeBron James could land and what each destination could offer The King.

- Well, like Cris said, we're both Ohio guys. I'd love to see him stay in Cleveland, you know, but you can't begrudge him if he leaves to try to win championships. If winning is the key, you know, there's talk about LA, he wants to be a mogul. He's already a mogul, he doesn't need to go to LA to be a mogul.

If it's about winning, I think there are three teams that should be at the top of his list. Maybe four. Your Houston Rockets, I'll throw them in maybe as a fourth. But I think San Antonio, because LeBron has never played for that iconic legendary coach.

Mike-- the guys he's compared to, Michael, Kobe, Shaq, they never won a ring without the-- an iconic coach of a Pat Riley, Phil Jackson, Tim Duncan, Gregg Popovich. If LeBron were to go to San Antonio, I believe I would put them-- and Kawhi's healthy-- I would put them right there with Golden State.

JENNA WOLFE: Like right next to--

- Right even.

JENNA WOLFE: Right with the same--

- Right away. Because look at what Popovich-- they're already close. They're not better than Golden State, but they're close right now--

JENNA WOLFE: So why not go to Golden State?

- --and they don't have great talent.

JENNA WOLFE: And you don't even have to be close.

- No, no, he can't--

JENNA WOLFE: You want to win the ring, go to Golden State. Pick up your rings.

- I think even you would criticize him if he would go to Golden State. But San Antonio, for the legendary coach, I think you could win another ring or two with Pop.

Phil-- I'll-- I'll say them last. New York, I think, should be on the list. You go there with KP, it's the big city, it's the big stage. I mean, if LA is attractive because it's-- of the stage, why not New York? And Porzingis, he--

- Enes Kanter--

- --he has trouble staying healthy.

- --got to go shopping the first day, though. Enes Kanter, my point guard becomes--

- Enes would have a stroke, Cris.

- --no, no, he's going to get booted. OK. I understand.

- But you know Kanter is a guy you-- you-- you don't want him against you, but you'd love to have him on your team.

- Man, no--

- No, no, no, no.

- No he's a liability defensively.

- He is, but I like-- I like his attitude.

- OK. Whether we like his attitude or not--

- No, no.

- --LeBron would-- LeBron's pre-condition to going to New York is, I get to personally tell him he's going.

- Oh, OK. OK. Philly.

- Yes.

- Absolutely.

- Is on the board.

- Oh, my gosh, they should be. If it's about why-- first of all, why leave the East? I mentioned San Antonio, but still, the East is easier. So stay in the East. And what I see there is LeBron will still be the best player in the world a few more years, or at least top two, or whatever, a few more years. He can lead them to championships. As he declines, those two will reach their prime and then they can help you win more championships, like Kareem and Magic.


- Kareem's last two rings, he was 40 and 41 years old. But Magic had entered his prime and he helped carry an older career. Then you might be-- I don't want to get ahead of myself, but you might be talking about five, six--


- --maybe more rings. And that's when you--

NICK WRIGHT: Well, if you want to retire--

- The GOAT conversation really gets the [INAUDIBLE].