Nick Wright reacts to Yahoo’s Chris Mannix saying Boston is going to ‘gobble up the Cavs’

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Reacting to Yahoo sports writer Chris Mannix saying that Boston is going to 'gobble up the Cavs,' Nick Wright reveals why the Celtics don't stand a chance against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers in the post season.

- 50% of Isaiah Thomas is better than what they're getting right now at point guard--

- Agreed.

- Which is Jose Calderon, who, I couldn't believe, was still in the league.

- Spanish sensation--

- Pleasantly surprised you.

- You used a very interesting term. The Celtics are going to gobble up the Cavs. Who's gobbling up LeBron? I'm just curious. I mean, we trust in second year Jaylen Brown. Rookie Jayson Tatum wants some of that. Jae Crowder could-- oh wait, Jae Crowder is not on the team anymore. Kyrie, oh no, Kyrie wants none of that. So Avery Bradley, wait, oh, he's not on the team anymore, either. So who's checking LeBron? I'm just curious.

- OK, OK, let's-- you can't check LeBron. There's nobody one-on-one that can check LeBron. But LeBron, when it's been LeBron and basically that's it in years past, has not won anything. He's gotten to a final. He got smoked back in 2007. The last few years in Cleveland, the first time around, he was getting beat by Boston. This Celtic team is deeper than Cleveland. I think overall, they're more talented than Cleveland. The Cavaliers, absolutely, best player on the floor remains LeBron James. One player wins you zero in this league.