Cris Carter reveals how LeBron James is inching closer to eclipsing Michael Jordan as the NBA’s GOAT

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In his conversation with Nick Wright, Jenna Wolfe and Chris Broussard, Cris Carter reveals which facet of LeBron James' game is helping The King reach his goal of eclipsing Michael Jordan as the greatest NBA player of all time.

- Is there any possibility that other players in the League, other coaches in the League, game playing it against the Cavs thought, well, he's going into his 15th year. No way he's going to have last year. He's got to lose a step a little bit, either it's going to be from the 3-point range, or he's not going to drive, or his stamina, or, or, or, or he's not going have the same minutes. Any shot whatsoever that all the opponents kind of dismissed a little bit that he'd be a better player than he's been the last couple years?

- Well, you always think, look, 15th year, if he began to show some rust or decline, it would be natural. I mean, look at Dwyane Wade, he's in his 15th year. Carmelo Anthony, they're not the same players they were.

- Those are three different human beings. Well--


Melo and Wade, they're human. But LeBron, man, is not human.

- It's unbelievable, his-- and I know your argument about him being the greatest ever. His arg-- the argument for him is going to be longevity and obviously his individual numbers in total are going to--

- The totality of it.

- Dwarf Jordan's. Yeah, yeah.

- And his being able to play at this level at this point in his career makes a--

- Unbelievable.

- And I hate telling Nick this, I told him this privately, it makes it very compelling to get back into the Jordan argument.

- Yeah.

- Because he is amazing at this age, and that needs to be recognized.