Philadelphia Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins unveils the reasons why Carson Wentz will be the NFL’s MVP

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In his conversation with Cris Carter, Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe, Philly's safety Malcolm Jenkins joins FTF to discuss the Philadelphia Eagles and why Carson Wentz should be the NFL's MVP.

- You have a great quarterback in Dak in his second year there in Dallas. But your own quarterback, what does Carson Wentz done from year one to two or what has his staff done that we're starting to see the results that he would be considered the MVP number one candidate at this point? We know that growth between year one and two in the league is the biggest growth. But what have you personally seen with Carson?

- Well, the biggest thing is when he came in, he was already a gunslinger. You know, didn't care who the corner was, who the safety was, he's throwing the ball and throwing it down the field. And I thought that was something that we liked about him.

He got on the field his first Sunday and made magic happen. He's extending plays. His mobility has been something that has been fun to watch. You know, he came into the league with those two things, the big arm and the ability to extend plays.

But I think where he matured over into his second season is his decision making. And so now, he's not turning the ball over like he did his rookie year. And, you know, his touchdown interception ratio is out of the roof. Plus you add in a couple of receivers and running game with it, it's just making it so, so much easier for him.

And then when we get in some bad binds, he does what he does and extends the play and finds somebody deep down the field. So I think his decision making really has been the biggest jump, but everything else he's had since he stepped foot in league.

Malcolm, Malcolm, pretend you're just a friend of mine who doesn't play in the NFL and you're just sitting at home, watching all the teams evenly and you don't have one team there you're rooting for or anything whatsoever. All that being said, is Carson Wentz the MVP this season?

- I mean, I believe so. It's hard to make an argument against him at just the amount of success that we've been able to have as a team, him being a big reason for that. His statistics, and when you just watch him play, he's just an entertaining player to watch. And, you know, he definitely has my MVP vote.