Nick and Cris find the silver lining in the Saints Week 12 loss

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Nick and Cris talk New Orleans Saints after Week 12. Hear what they had to say about RB Alvin Kamara's game vs the Rams.

- I wish the starting corners were out there. Because Jared Goff, this was his first good game this year against a good defense. He's had four great games this season prior to yesterday, against the Colts--

- Right.

- Against the Giants, against the Niners, and against the Texans, four of the worst pass defenses in football. So you see, oh, we did this against the Saints. We've been talking for two months how great the Saints' defense is. We need to see how the Saints' defense plays without those guys moving forward.

On the Saints side of it, this is a disappointing game, this is a bad game for them, as far as getting home field advantage, getting a bye, all that stuff. What they're not disappointed in is that kid Alvin Kamara, who sat right here--


- After a few weeks in the League, and we thought he was a good player. He looked like the best player on the field yesterday. Alvin Kamara was extraordinary. Whether they're handing him the ball or throwing him the ball, he was out there playing like an elite player just in his rookie year. And so that was a good sign. Well, it wasn't a good sign, of course, they lost.

CRIS CARTER: And also, he's doing things that he didn't do at Tennessee. You see him running the ball effectively between the tackles, something he didn't do in college.