Nick Wright explains why he is not ready to put the Eagles and Patriots in the Super Bowl quite yet

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Nick Wright talks Philadelphia Eagles after their Week 12 win over the Chicago Bears.

- Listen, again, let me reiterate. I gave the Eagles and Patriots props at the beginning of this. But now you guys are asking me, declare them the best in the league. CC--

- No, I said give me someone who's better.

NICK WRIGHT: CC, you used two very different arguments for the Eagles and the Patriots because those arguments don't apply to the other ones. For the Patriots, it's about track record. For the Eagles, it's about what they're doing right now. Because if I want to talk about track record, I can talk about track record of young quarterbacks in their first career playoffs. And it's not a great one. And if we're talking about how they're playing right now, I can easily make the case. The Steelers, at 9 and 2, are just as good if not better than the Patriots.

So I get it. We can both construct the arguments. I'm not sitting here saying they're bad football teams. I said a month ago the Eagles were going to finish 11 and 5. That looks ridiculous, OK? Like, that was clear-- that's not going to happen. The Eagles have a great chance to have the number one seed in the NFC. But I'm not anointing them to the Super Bowl. I'm just not doing it.

- No problem. They're on a collision course, though.

- Collision course.

- No problem.


- Coming up--

- He's going to be like the people that were saying Atlanta last year, oh, you see Atlanta?

- Yeah.

- Well, they had the big lead, and then they were like, oh, I guess Atlanta. Then New England came back and they're like, no. Atlanta, I knew they weren't going to be good. I knew they couldn't do it. That's where he'll be.