Cris Carter details what you should watch out for in New England the rest of the season

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Cris Carter talks Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots after their Week 12 wins.

- If there is a collision course, these are the two teams on it regardless of what facts that we don't want to be presented in this case. They're playing the best two. Philadelphia's got the best record. If you look at what they're doing offensively and defensively, yes. If you had to pick a team today, there's no other team in the NFC you have pick over Philadelphia, not unless you've just got some other type of-- some type of grudge or you picked someone else. But if you've watched 12 weeks of the season, there's no way you think there's another team as good as Philadelphia in the NFC.

And the Patriots have proven, tried and true. They lost two games, got off to a slow start. But look at Belichick's record. He starts off slow. Then he bounces back in October. Then he gets better in November. Then he's at his best in December and January. So not surprised at all. Yes, the Patriots, too, making adjustments.

Yesterday, in the Dolphins game, Tom Brady got hit more than he's used to getting hit. Now, that's a sign that we have to watch coming down the stretch. Has nothing to do with his age, but watch the injuries that they have on that offensive line. How will they be able to protect him? Because I believe Tom will get hit in the month of December more than any other month thus far.