Nick and Cris react to Aqib Talib’s fight with Michael Crabtree on Sunday

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Nick Wright and Cris Carter talk Oakland Raiders and Denver Broncos after their fight on Sunday.

- I mean, guys are going to say stuff to you. They didn't get-- they didn't get to Crabtree. Crabtree came out there and threw a punch. He threw a punch, caught a guy in the midsection. He was already out of the game. So he was going to be fighting for his life the rest of the game anyway. Because they're going to put an all points bulletin with the Denver defense on Crabtree. Any time he's in your area, we want you to put some hands on him. So, to me, it's just-- it's bad. I hope they both get suspended.

- Is there anything to this being reactionary? To what John Elway said a couple of weeks ago? Calling this team soft. Maybe these guys come out with a little extra fire in him.

- No, to leave, he got a rap sheet. And no one's ever called him soft. Maybe someone in the prison, someone who had even a longer rap sheet.

- Wow.

- But no. No one's calling Talib soft. John Elway probably addressed him, and told, you know, Talib. I wasn't talking about you. I was talking about the rest of them.

- Yeah, I mean, yeah. Talib's-- Talib's upbringing and his history, up to from when he was a kid, that he talks about publicly, to six, seven years ago, when he was accused that he used his mother's gun to shoot at a guy. And his defense was, I didn't use that gun. My mother was the one shooting at the guy. Up to last off season, when either someone shot him or he shot himself. Like, Aqib is-- CC talks all the time about-- the NFL [INAUDIBLE] talks about it as well. The NFL has got a bunch of guys who operate-- of you know, four or five guys in the locker room who operate on the margins. Is it fair to say Aqib is on the margins of the margins?

- Aqib also, because the team is not good, he's on his way out the NFL. All right? You keep this behavior up, you'll be out the NFL. No one would tolerate you any longer.

- I learn a lot.

- So he needs to check himself.