Here’s why Cris Carter believes we’ve seen the last of Seattle’s Legion of Boom

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Reacting to the plethora of injuries hindering Russell Wilson's Seahawks coupled with their recent loss to Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons, Cris Carter explains why The Legion of Boom's days are numbered in Seattle.

CRIS CARTER: They made people enjoy watching defensive football. Coverage, I mean, Earl Thomas is an amazing safety. Now he's the only one they have to play a different style. They have to come up with a different identity. Now, those front seven, it's still very, very good. But it was predicated on getting contested throws on the outside or down the middle and creating turnovers.

And if they didn't think all that worked, man, the enforcer Kam Chancellor, man, he was scaring people around the NFL. Now, you're talking about people who are relieved? My boy, Larry Fitzgerald, he's for relief. And a bunch of other wide receivers, who have to make a living going across the middle, Kam Chancellor is probably the number one intimidator in the NFL.

Yeah, I know they changed the rules. But it's not against the rules to hit you real hard. And that's what he does. Unfortunately, he has a neck injury. Richard Sherman has the Achilles. It's going to hard to keep this identity that they've had, especially because these guys, the salary cap is disproportioned. And the amount of money that they spent on the defense, it's hard to find replacements because there's no money available.

- They're not young. Those guys are 30 years old.

- Well, listen, it's funny you mention they're not young. The moment the Legion of Boom came into focus for the league was not the Super Bowl. It was a regular season game against Tom Brady and New England when Richard Sherman chased Brady off the field and said a little something to him after they had beaten them.

CRIS CARTER: Yeah, you mad, bro?

- You mad, bro. If you had told me then that five years later that group of young star defenders would be breaking down and maybe breaking apart, and the guy he's yelling at, Tom Brady would be playing better than he's ever played, I'd have laid any amount of money in the world to say you're nuts. It was a 35-year-old quarterback. It was early 20-something-year-old defensive backs, who looked just ferocious.

And then and I'm going to bring up another Patriots Brady moment with this team, the Super Bowl they didn't get, because here's what I know. If they win that Super Bowl, we're talking about the Legion of Boom, the way we talk about the Steelers of the '70s. You know why? Not only because they have multiple rings, but winning that game probably makes a few of these guys Hall of Famers. If you are-- and I know you're very choosy about who is and who isn't a Hall of Famer, and I'm a little more liberal with that, but if you have the all pro designations that Chancellor, and Earl, and Richard Sherman had along with two rings, then you're in a different class of player.

CRIS CARTER: You really are.

- They didn't get that Super Bowl. They then had some bad luck as far as Earl got hurt last year. Kam held out a couple of years ago. Sherman got hurt this year. And you mentioned whether they're going to stay together. They were publicly discussing trading Richard Sherman before this season. I now think the Seahawks are going to break their third longest in the NFL playoff streak of five straight years.


- And you do wonder if they're going to say, man, we love Richard Sherman. But we need a right guard and a right tackle, and a left guard. You wonder if they're going to-- and a running back-- allocate those resources differently.

CRIS CARTER: And it's on the board that Kam Chancellor might not play again. This is a neck injury in a new era of football where the players are more informed than any other time. And anytime you're talking about a neck injury, especially a full bat, especially a safety, where they are battering rams, this is a significant injury. So we have to watch how this goes on. But I think that we've seen the Legion of Boom as we knew it. I think we've seen the last game with them collectively as a group.