Nick Wright explains why the Eagles are not the best team in the NFC

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Despite watching Carson Wentz and the Philadelphia Eagles soar over the Dallas Cowboys, Nick Wright explains to Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe why Philly is still not the best team in the NFC.

NICK WRIGHT: I am not going to make the same mistake this year that I made last year. So my answer is no, they are not the clear-cut best team in the NFC, because right now I do not believe that there is a clear-cut best team in the NFC. I believe you can make an equally strong case for Philadelphia, Minnesota, and New Orleans. And right behind them, but clearly behind that group of three, Carolina. Last year, I was all in. The team with the best record was the best team, they had the great story at quarterback, they were those so well-rounded on offense, the Dallas Cowboys.

- But Nick, that's not your fault. We've seen that happen a lot of different times. Your Kansas City team happened. And we've seen it happen to Aaron Rodgers. We've seen it happen to Tom Brady. We've seen it happen to Ben Roethlisberger, Peyton Manning. Where you could have a dominant regular season and get upset in the divisional round, like the Cowboys did last year. But there's no way that you, through 10 games, that you don't think that the Eagles are better than the Saints and the Vikings and Carolina.

- No, I absolutely would. I do think right now they are better than Carolina. So let me focus on the Saints and Vikings. The Saints have been better than everybody the last eight weeks. Like eight consecutive weeks, or eight consecutive games I should say, nine weeks. They've been to me the best team in football. And we saw the different ways, you're talking about the multitude of ways they can beat you?

- Yes.

- I feel like the Saints are on that list. The Saints can beat you by running the ball down your throat, they can beat you with Drew Brees, and their defense as of late, the last two months, can choke you out. Minnesota, I think especially if they get a little juice from a quarterback change, I think Adam Thielen is a star in this league that no one saw coming. They have found a way to overcome the loss of Dalvin Cook, and that is a defense with all-pro guys at all three levels.

Now, I can make a great case for Philadelphia, as well. I do want to say one thing before you jump in, I was down on Philadelphia three weeks ago, compared to America. Philadelphia has been very impressive since then. I no longer think they're a tier beneath these other teams, I think they're with these teams--

- Well thanks, Nick, for bringing them up.

- Well, no. I'm just saying maybe you can--

CRIS CARTER: I mean, what's their record?

NICK WRIGHT: They're 9 and 1.

CRIS CARTER: Oh, they've played 10 games, they lost one time. Who'd they lose to?

- They lost to the Kansas City Chiefs.

- OK. All right.

NICK WRIGHT: When the Kansas City Chiefs were playing very well.

- Now, what other team in the NFC or the NFL would be 9 and 1, and you wouldn't be saying they were the best team?

- Well, I think, not to jump too far ahead, my guess is later in the show we're going to talk about two teams with the exact same record in the AFC, and you're very convinced one is better than the other. So it can't simply be the team with the best record. Again, I say this all the time. Power rankings are not the same as standings. If they, were we wouldn't need them.