Nick Wright with a strong critique of Dez Bryant’s performance this season

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Nick Wright and Cris Carter talk Dallas Cowboys, Dez, Bryant and Dak Prescott after Week 11.

JENNA WOLFE: The point you made about his confidence, and I think that's overlooked a lot. Because we think it's easy for a guy to go out there, week in and week out, and completely forget what they did the week before. But for Dak Prescott, who's coming off a season where he did everything right, he's now playing a season where he's doing-- at least in the last couple games-- almost everything wrong.

He's not getting any help. Week in and week out, the one thing that we are consistent about with the Dallas Cowboys is their lack of a receiving core, and how they're not helping Dak out at all.

CRIS CARTER: It's unbelievable.

- And we said without Zeke in the lineup, the one good thing we'll be able to see is him throw the ball more, maybe take some chances where he wasn't taking before. And without the help of anyone to catch these balls, he's doing what he did yesterday.

- Listen, Dez Bryant hasn't had a 100-yard receiving game in a calendar year in the regular season. Dez Bryant, finally, that big contract he has--

CRIS CARTER: How much money is he making?

- $16 million a year.


NICK WRIGHT: And by the way, next year is the first year that if you cut him you actually get some cap relief. Dez Bryant's looking like a player that's going to be in a different uniform next year. He cannot continue, given opportunity after opportunity, to show that-- forget being a top five receiver like he was, or even a top 10 receiver. Dez Bryant is not playing like one of the 25 best receivers in football.


- How many-- based-- take the name out of it. Based on production, how many teams would Dez Bryant be the number one receiver? The Browns? Sure.

- Jacksonville.

- Jacksonville, only because their guy got hurt.

- Yep.

- You know, I mean, go down the list. The Jets, yeah. Like, it is a short list. You can't have that when you're one of the highest paid guys at your spot.