Here is how the New England Patriots fixed their defense

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Nick Wright and Cris Carter talk New England Patriots and their defense after a Week 11 win against the Oakland Raiders.

CRIS CARTER: Well, they've changed everything that they've wanted to do. From a pass rush standpoint, they don't worry about the pass rush. All right? They just make sure that guys keep the quarterback in the pocket. He doesn't lose contain. They're not worried about teams running the ball a lot against them because they can get yards running the ball, but in the red zone, they believe they're going to tighten up.

They've made some major changes in the middle with Dont'a Hightower being out for the season. They have placed David Harris, former New York Jet, a guy who knows the AFC East. Belichick knows him. He's helped stabilize the defense.

Now, David, he's not a really fast guy, so you know you can't play man-to-man coverage with his linebackers or their secondary. So they don't play much man-to-man. They play zone, or they play combination coverage. If you have two receivers on the left, they put three DBs over there to bracket coverage those three. If you have two receivers or three on this side, they either put four if you have three and they put three if you have two.

They play a lot of zone coverage, and they know that Tom Brady is going to get them 28 to 34 points a game. So that's what Belichick-- he knows the special teams are solid. He knows he's got one the best place kickers in football. He know he's got probably the best punter in football. So those things we knew would be there for him.

These players have embraced the new defense or the new look. And I think the one thing that goes unnoticed offensively, Dante Scarnecchia of the offensive line coach. He makes sure that they don't make excuses. They used three tight ends yesterday in protection. Three tight ends in the running game. So they make adjustments better than any team that I anticipate would make adjustments. You know the reason why? When-- because I went back and looked at my old tweets, Nick, is because what I've been watching NFL the last 15 years. This is what the Patriots do. Get used to it.