Tyrod Taylor deserves better than what the Bills have given him

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NIck Wright and Cris Carter talk Buffalo Bills after their loss to the Chargers during Week 11.

NICK: Tyrod came into that game with the Chargers teeing off knowing that Buffalo was going to have to pass because they were down by 100 points. And all Tyrod did was go out and have an efficient game. 15 of 25, a 92 rating, a touchdown through the air, another touchdown on the ground. Like, it-- Tyrod was the bastion of professionalism throughout the week and on Sunday. He deserves better than what he's gotten in Buffalo.

And at this point, you know what? I'm glad the Bills are mismanaging this. There are teams out there that need quarterbacks that can win. Denver needs quarterback, Jacksonville needs quarterbacks. I'm just talking about teams that could be good with a quarterback.

I hope he finds a spot there next season because Tyrod Taylor, while he's not a great quarterback-- I never said he was a great quarterback-- he is one of the 16 best in the league. So he's in the top half, maybe the bottom half of the top half. He deserves better than to be benched for a guy who threw five picks and 14 [INAUDIBLE].

- And if it is Nate Peterman, he's got his hands full next week. Or maybe he doesn't with the Kansas City Chiefs in Kansas city.

NICK: He'd have his hands full with Alabama. Like, he's not an NFL quarterback. He's not a high level division one quarterback. He's just-- and I-- and I feel badly. Nate Peterman

- Don't fee bad!

NICK: --asked to be--

CRIS CARTER: It's pro football. This is not college, Nick! We're not taking care of the kids. Kid's not on the scholarship.

The guy is being paid a lot of money. It's the coach who made the bad decision to put the trick shot artist in there to realize that hey! They hit in these videos compared to them other ones I'm used to making!