Nick Wright: ‘Picking out flaws on the Patriots is a fool’s errand’

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Nick Wright and Cris Carter talk New England Patriots after their win over the Oakland Raiders on Sunday.

- Does there-- is there an area on this team that you'd like to see them shore up, or improve at this point, until-- up until when they meet the Steelers?

- I mean, sure, theoretically give up fewer yards. Like, as you're saying, they're still giving up a lot of yards, but I mean at this point, picking out flaws on the Patriots is a fool's errand. They are going to, every week, be the better coached team, every week. They are going to be the team--

- So you're learning.

- That makes--

- You're learning. We started the season, that was not to take of Nick's.

- Well, I always I knew they would be the better coached team. I didn't know how much it would matter. Because here's the part that we haven't discussed--

- Coaching in college and in pro football, is the most underrated skill that we never talk about. We talk about these match-ups. They're playing a 4-3 They're playing this. They ran the spread offense. Oh, they're going to play a 3 receiver. Oh, they're going to blitz the quarterback. What about the coaching? All right, in the NFL it is the most important thing. And it's the most underrated thing that we see in college football and pro football. Like we just disregard it.

- We just have that itch, yeah.

- And that's also why the Patriots always win the end of half situations. Like, the Patriots, if they have the ball with like 3 and 1/2 minutes remaining, guess what you know? The other team's not getting the ball back. Doesn't mean the Patriots are going to score. Talking about at the end of the first half, the Patriots dominate that. It's why they've been the best second quarter team in the league by an enormous margin.

And you saw yesterday, this game ended up being a blowout. But it was 14-0 New England. Oakland had the ball with a minute left inside the 15 yard line. They are driving to square to make it 14-7, a totally different game. I know what Belichick would have done. He would have run the ball with Marshawn Lynch in order to make sure, whether we're getting a touchdown or a field goal, the other team's not getting the ball back to score, especially in this thin air.

What did Oakland do? They threw. They end up fumbling at the goal line. And then what does Belichick do? Find a way. He runs the ball, sees if we're going to get a big gain. Oh, we do? Now we kick a 60 yarder. Now instead of being 14-7 at the half, it's 17-0.

And as long as they've got Belichick, the defense doesn't kneecap him, if Brady even does deteriorate, CC, as the year goes on. He's 80% of what he's been through 10 weeks. This is one of, if not the best, team in football.