Nick Wright explains why he was so disappointed after the Cowboys lost to the Eagles on Sunday

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Nick Wright and Cris Carter talk Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys after their loss on Sunday.

NICK WRIGHT: The point that I'm making is that I think Dak is such a great story. I think he's carried himself so well under really tough circumstances last year off the field. Tough circumstances of the field this offseason. He's been the guy that I think has handled a lot of nonsense. You shouldn't have to deal with. Well, it's the Romo stuff, the Zeke stuff. And he's going to lose that class and he's played so well.

And the reason I was disappointed yesterday is all the folks who have been saying for a year and a half--


NICK WRIGHT: --man, there's a lot of quarterbacks who could be doing what Dak's doing with that offensive line, with that running game, with that circumstance. All those people look right. The reality is, the last two weeks I understand you're with-- your without your two most important offensive players. Your left tackle and your star running back.

I get it.

CRIS CARTER: But those two players, Nick. I don't think people understand. All right? Tyron Smith is a once every 20 year player.

- No doubt.

CRIS CARTER: Zeke is the once every-- since Adrian Peterson. So he's once every 15 year player.

NICK WRIGHT: Which is why it wouldn't be so disappointing to me if Dak was just not as good. But instead, the last two weeks, Dak's been awful. And yesterday was the worst game he's ever played as a pro. Yesterday was the first time, as a pro, that you can make the argument. You know who was the biggest reason we lost? Our quarterback.

And that's a bummer for me. Because it makes people who have been questioning how good he is right so far. Now, he's got four more games to pull out of it. Almost assuredly Tyron Smith is not going to be there on Thanksgiving. Quick turnaround. But there's not a lot of evidence he's going to be able to pull out.