Cris Carter offers up praise for the Saints after their win against the Redskins

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Nick Wright and Cris Carter talk New Orleans Saints after their win on Sunday.

CRIS CARTER: One thing that when you start talking about Super Bowl teams and it's a little early but there's a few things that you need. I'd like to have a top 10 defense. I'd like to have a top 10, top five, being able to run the football. Because if I have to those two combinations I can shorten the game.

Now, I'm going to throw this to the mix. I have a coach that's won a Super Bowl, in Sean Payton. I have a quarterback that punch for punch, pass for pass, I don't care who they play, NFC, AFC, that he can duel with that guy. No matter what the circumstances are. And that's what they have in Drew Brees.

Now, most of the other teams that we're looking at they don't have that. They don't have that dependability. Now, this is a Saints team that has not been laying their life on Drew Brees and his arm. They have won different ways this year.

Now, back to Kante's point. Drew Brees had a perfect passing rating in the fourth quarter. After being a dominant defense and a dominant running team all season, they have a Hall of Fame quarterback that when all that is sputtering, I can pull out the win. That's why this win was really special.

All these games in the NFL, they have their own story. But the confidence that you develop after making a huge comeback like that after-- because even having a good season, they could have lost his game. Said, you know something? We still got. I got plenty. We've had a great season so far. You're going to have a bad game. They had a bad game and still won the game. That's what the good teams are able to do.

And that separates them from other teams coming down the stretch. When you have someone like Drew Breezy, when everything else is broke down, that he can save the day. The one thing I want to watch for with New Orleans, they had a couple blown coverages yesterday that looked like the 2016 Saints and in 2015 Saints. And Marshon Lattimore, the a rookie from Ohio State. He went out early with an injury. They're pass coverage--

- They looked different when he went out.

CRIS CARTER: --was totally different when he left the game.