Brad Stevens is the key to the Celtics’ win over Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors, Nick explains

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Drawing upon Boston's current 14-game win streak capped off with their win over Steph Curry, Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors, Nick Wright reveals to Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe why Brad Stevens deserves all the credit and not Kyrie irving.

- The story of this game is not Kyrie Irving's 11 fourth quarter points, on seven fourth quarter free throws. Or six fourth quarter free throws. The story of this game is that Kyrie and Tatum went 6 of 21. The Celtics bench went 2 of 19. And they beat the flipping Warriors.

- Yeah, they didn't play great. And they still won

- Their bench-- their entire bench, plus their two best offensive players, except for Horford, combined to go 8 of 40. And they beat Golden State. That is a testament to Brad Stevens. That is a testament to what Chris is talking about, which is one of the best defenses we've seen outside of San Antonio in recent NBA history.

Through the first 15 games of the year. They've been extraordinary defensively. And holding Steph Curry to nine points? Like, you're right, there's going to be a little shade. Lebron's at, I think, 809 consecutive games in double figures.

- 809?

- Yeah, I think Steph Curry is now back down to zero. But the other angle of this that I find so interesting is when we're talking about are they the best team in the league? And right now they are playing like it, is one thing I do not want to hear.

Cause you're going have a lot of people-- Chris Mannix, our friend who sat right there, who wrote a column today. They're making the Finals. You have a lot of people saying how great this Celtics team is. So when the Cavs make the finals, I don't want to hear from anybody.