Nick Wright reveals what’s at stake for the Eagles-Cowboys Week 11 matchup

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Reflecting on what's at stake for both Dallas and Philadelphia, Nick Wright previews the Eagles - Cowboys Week 11 game with Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe, detailing which team has more to gain on Sunday.

- It's going to sound counterintuitive, but I believe this game is more important for the team that's 8-1.

- Tell us why.

- And that's because the Cowboys are fighting to try to make the playoffs. The Eagles are fighting to try to win a Super Bowl. So they have different, there are different levels of expectations, different levels of realistic expectations, I should say.

And what we have going on in the NFL this weekend is two 7-2 teams playing each other in the Rams and the Vikings. So one of those teams is going to be, barring a tie, 8-2. We also have the Saints as near 10 point favorites at home against Washington. So the Saints, in all likelihood, are going to be 8-2.

The Eagles right now are sitting in a great position. They'd have the one seed, they would have a bye. The bye is the thing that I find incredibly important. All of a sudden, because it's so bunched up at the top, and because two 7-2 teams are playing each other, if Philly loses this game, they are in a three-way tie for first.

One of those teams is not going to get home field throughout. One of those teams is not going to get a bye at all. And by the way, one of those teams in the first round is likely all of a sudden playing Seattle or Carolina. And that could be a real quick fall from 8-1, best team in football to oh my god, how'd we become the three seed?

So for those reasons, and because Philly is playing on a higher level and with bigger stakes than Dallas, I think this game's bigger for the Eagles. Because you need to keep that game separation between you and the rest of the NFC.