Nick Wright explains why the New York Giants should fire Ben McAdoo today

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Nick Wright and Cris Carter talk New York Giants after their loss on Sunday against the 49ers.

- I think the New York Giants should fire Ben McAdoo today. I am not a guy that likes to say, this guy should be fired, that guy should be fired. When Eric Mangini was here--

- Then with 50 shows in you fire him.

- First time, first time. Took 50 shows.

- Yeah, week 10.

- This guy, here's the reason I don't care that it's week 10 versus week 17. I think the New York Giants have already made this decision. Ben McAdoo is not going to be our head coach in the 2018 season. And if you have already made that decision, and you have a guy on the staff who's been a head coach before in Steve Spagnoulo, who by the way, I think he's probably gone after the year as well.

But you know someone who knows the day-to-day rituals, if you will, that a head coach has to undertake, because you need that in an interim coach. Someone that knows about the scheduling and the different things that a head coach has to deal with. I think you must take advantage of the knowledge that Ben McAdoo's not going to be your head coach next year,--

And see, if by firing him, you can learn more about which players should be on your team next year. Because if you fire the coach, there is no more hiding, no more excuses as far as why guys, why Eli Apple seems to, in back-to-back weeks, have just stopped playing on live ball touchdowns.

Why this very highly paid, very highly skilled you would think, defense, can't seem to stop CJ Beathard. Why guys on offense, who should be playing to prove they belong in the league, a lot of these offensive linemen can't seem to even do that. So if you know Ben McAdoo is not your coach next year, there's no reason for him to be your coach next week.