Cris Carter tells Dallas what they should have done Sunday against Atlanta

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Nick Wright and Cris Carter talk Dallas Cowboys after their loss to the Falcons on Sunday.

NICK: Once you bring in-- Cris, you taught me this-- once you bring in a tight end. Wh-- whether it's Jason Witten or whomever to come in and block on that left side, you are going to have fewer options throwing the football. I get that and they were having trouble throwing the football already. But you have no chance throwing the football if your quarterback's lying down.

Like, you've got to make an adjustment. The only adjustment they made was late in the game benching the player. You've got to see if all of a sudden the offense is going to open up more, if you start giving help on the left side, even though it restricts your offense.

CRIS: This is the problem. This is what they should have done. Go to two tight ends so you don't have a strong formation, go to a one back set, Cole Beasley got to sit on the bench, and you play with two wide outs outside. That's how you counter when you have one weakness on one side the line and you don't want to dictate to the defense what you're trying to do. Put a tight end on both sides and Witten can still go out. The other right end can stay in and block.

NICK: Listen, I get that the Cowboys were without three of their four best players. I understand and the Falcons were playing for their season. There's a lot of extenuating circumstances, but the reality is the Dallas Cowboys just played the worst game they have played since Dak Prescott became the starting quarterback. Week one, his rookie year was the worst game they'd played up until right now, and it came at just about the worst possible time. They're now 5 and 4. Atlanta, which is trying to stay alive now, has that head-to-head tie breaker and next week you're going up against the team with the best record in the NFL [INAUDIBLE].

CRIS: Russell Wilson lost his left tackle, Aaron Rodgers lost his left tackle. They still manage to go out there and play, so I'm not in the excuse business.

JENNA: All right, without Zeke we want that the Cowboys to at least go 2 and 2. They're already, uh behind the eight ball there.