Cris Carter breaks down how Dak Prescott and the Cowboys can beat Atlanta without Ezekiel Elliott

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Reacting to the latest decision in the Ezekiel Elliott case, Cris Carter reveals how Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys can win without Zeke.

- I expect Dallas to rally around Dak in the offense and to rally around Zeke's suspension, just like the owner has, I believe the rest of the organization. They're going to go out and try to prove that they're a good football team, absent of one of their best players, if not their best players. But I look for their defense. I look for their defensive line to continue to step up.

I mentioned guys' names before, Taco Charlton, the rookie from Michigan, got his first sack last year. David Irving is really coming on strong. He's got six sacks, and he was suspended for the first part of the season. And probably the best rusher right now in the NFL is DeMarcus Lawrence. We didn't see this coming.

- No.

- He's really developed into a good player. So [INAUDIBLE] talk about Dak. Oh, we need to split up the carries. Oh, the wide receivers need to make some plays. But if these guys are dominant, if these three names, if you hear them on the telecast, that means the Cowboys are really forcing their will on the Atlanta Falcons, who have not been great offensively.

- On that--