Nick reacts to Richard Sherman’s season-ending injury, reveals surprising choice for the NFL’s best team

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Reacting to Seattle Seahawks CB Richard Sherman's season-ending Achilles injury, Nick Wright reveals to Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe which 'team' is the NFL's best.

- We've talked all week. There are seven good teams in the NFC. Only six are making the playoffs. A team that had no margin of error in Seattle. Because, like you mentioned, they're not leading their division. They just lost one of their, I would say the third most important player on their team. Russell Wilson one, Earl Thomas two, Richard Sherman three. And Earl and Richard you could probably flip-flop if you wanted.

- And to your point, we always talk about, you lose a quarterback, you basically lose the season. And you're right, a lot of times. They lost JJ Watt, they JJ Watt. There was still hope for the season, and all of that. You lost your emotional leader on this team. There's no doubt, I mean, the biggest weakness on the Seahawks defense, or on the Seahawks team, is always whoever's playing across from, on the other side of Richard Sherman.

That other defensive back. That was always that rotating position. Well now you got to-- you have to answer that question, you have to answer the Richard Sherman question. And you really lost like the heart and soul of who that team is, the guy that really rallies everyone. So I think that's when you put yourself [INAUDIBLE].

- Before you move on, quickly, I have a question for you, CC. Who is the best team in the NFL now. Who is the best team? You can give me a list of teams, because they'll all be wrong.

- New England.

- New England is not the best team.

- Give me another name.

- Well, you asked me. That's my opinion.

- Hold up, I'm going to tell you why it's--

- That's true.


- Philadelphia.

- Philadelphia is not the best team. Give me another team. Say another team that you think it could be. Just say it's--

- The purple, man. The Vikings.

- The Vikings, no. You want to know who the best team in the league is right now?

- No, not really. But yes.

- The only team with first team All Pros at almost every spot, the all injury team. You got Aaron Rodgers at quarterback. You got David Johnson at running back. You've got Joe Thomas at left tackle. You've got Odell Beckham Jr at wide receiver. You've got Eric Berry at safety.

- JJ Wat.

- You've got got JJ Watt. You got Richard Sherman.

- Deshaun Watson.

- You've got Deshaun Watson as your backup quarterback. Carson Palmer is your practice squad quarterback. You got Pro Bowlers everywhere on the all injured team. It's a damn shame.

- You've got a few Hall of Famers on there, too.

- You've got Hall of Famers. You got first team All Pros. That team would be the Super Bowl favorite. Unfortunately, all those guys are done for the year.

- Man, if you want to keep doing this show, you better give me a heads up before we get on to picking teams, OK. I don't like listing. I don't like surprises. Right there, Mr Smart Guy, sitting on--