Here is why the New York Giants should not part ways with Eli Manning

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Mark Schlereth joins Cris Carter and Nick Wright to talk New York Giants and Eli Manning.

- Throwaway, sure, Mark. But it was definitely a sure. Knowing what this team has been through this year, knowing the situation there and going into next season, do you think moving on from Eli would be best for both sides here?

- [SIGH] You know, I don't think it would be best for the Giants. I really don't. I still think Eli is a-- is a very good quarterback. He just needs to be supported. He's not-- you know, he's not Peyton Manning, that cover warts upon warts. And then you start to realize, once the guy leaves, like, oh my gosh, our roster isn't as nearly as good as we thought it was. Eli has never been that guy.

You've got to-- he's like, you know, the majority of quarterbacks, save maybe three or four quarterbacks that can elevate their teams regardless of who you put on it, you know, he's not Brady. He's not Aaron Rodgers. He's not Drew Brees. But he's still-- you know, he's still a top quarterback in this league.

And if you support him, if you have an offensive line that can block people-- kind of important-- if you can run the ball, if you play great defense, he's a guy, he is intelligent, he understands the game. He's a guy that, he has proven, you can win championships with.