Cris Carter reacts to the report that Bill O’Brien and the Texans discussed signing Colin Kaepernick

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In his discussion with Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe, Cris Carter reacts to the report that Bill O'Brien and the Houston Texans discussed signing Colin Kaepernick.

- I think that Bill, like a lot of teams-- yes, this is the way things are done in the NFL. And this is part of the reason why I was upset. Because when you have a board, typically, the guys who aren't on a roster, they have a white board in a room-- the general manager, the scouting office. And they have available players, where they are, where they live, what's their status? Are they injured? They have-- they have a list.

So I knew Colin had to be on a bunch of people's board, because that's the way they do business. It's like he said, this is the way we always do business. But, I saw other people being signed. I saw people making excuses about he only wants to be a starter. I saw people making excuses about his contract demands. And Colin was saying, no one was calling him.

So, I understand Bill. But Bill works for someone, just like I work for someone, all right? Bill's boss is not going to employ Colin Kaepernick. Now Bill is trying to put the best team together that he can under his power. But Rick Smith is the general manager. And they have an owner there, all right? So Bill O'Brien, I believe if it was his call, he would call up Colin Kaepernick.

Because it was the best transition from one starter, especially a young player who's going to go through a lot. Kap could have meant a lot to this Deshaun Watson. But because of other things, this was not presented to him. He talked about Kap hadn't played in a long time. These bums, even if they have played, they haven't played any good football their whole life.

So, trying to make an excuse that Kap hasn't played eight games after being a starter, after having the success that he had, that's no excuse. But I understand. Because I work for a boss. And you know what I do most of the time? I do what my boss tells me to do.