This is how Cris Carter would handle Eli Manning’s future in New York

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Cris Carter talks New York Giants and Eli Manning with Nick Wright after Week 9 in the NFL.

- I go to him if I can't make the trade. You mentioned Jacksonville, you mentioned Denver. Also, I would look at Arizona where Bruce Arians and Steve Keim, the general manager, 'cause they're in business. Carson Palmer it's probably going to be his last year. So they would be looking for a veteran. But also, I'd tell Eli, "man, you've got to give some of that money back".

- If you want to stay.

- No, if you want to stay here, I need a reduction in your salary like a lot of veteran quarterbacks have done. Also, your play has suffered. And there's not a whole bunch of openings out there for Eli to have some type of leverage.

- So do you have that conversation with him?

- Absolutely! Man, I don't have no problem with it. Invite him to my office in the building across the street. I'll tell him myself. This is the way it's going to happen. Now I'm gave you a salary reduction for these next two years. If you want to play two more years with the Giants, that's fine by me. If you decide not then I'm going to actively shop you this off season.

- Yeah. But as a team though with him playing the way he's playing right now do you take him--

- Listen, I like Eli. Eli is not a great leader of a football team. Eli might be a good guy, might be able to lead the offense, but this team has been off the rails for a few years as far as their overall discipline, their overall leadership. Like, Odell respects Eli, but he don't listen to him. And there's a difference between the two.

- It's big difference.

- So for me, I'm going for a reduction. That's what I'mma offer him as a courtesy because you brought us two Super Bowls. I'mma give you a reduction in salary from Jerry Reese. You don't want to take that then we're actively going to shop you, we're going to be picking. I mean the Browns in San Francisco 0 and 8, 0 and 9.

- Right. And they play San Francisco this week.

- Yeah, you got the top five pick.

- But wait--

- So there's a quarterback sitting there waiting on you.