Cris Carter makes his pick for the best team in the NFC

Cris Carter tells Nick Wright which team in the NFC East is actually the best team in the entire NFC right now.

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- The Eagles are the only top five rushing team. And the only top five in rushing defense.

- I meant near the goal line for the touchdown [INAUDIBLE]. No, the Eagles are a good running team. The Eagles are a good team. CC, you're convinced the Eagles are the best team in the NFC.

- This is what I am. I do believe in this. I've watched enough NFL games. And I like to give credit to the people who win, all right? I can't give credit to hyperbola. I can't give credit to what I thought in the preseason. All right? You have to readjust your eye to what's going on.

Now, what was the score in yesterday's game?

- 51-23. And I think they were up 44-9.

- And if I had told you it was 51-23 you would have said, who would have won that game?

- Philadelphia.

- Right. Absolutely. But you thought it was going to be a dogfight with Denver coming in there.

- Oh correct. I did.

- So we're not even giving them credit for blowing out Denver, which we thought was going to be a tough match up.

- No, but the point that I'm--

- Wait. Did we not think that was going to be a tough match up, though?

- I gave them credit. And I said I thought it was going to be a tough match up. I thought Denver could win that game.

- Yeah.

- I was-- go ahead.

- There's no one from a consistency standpoint, and that being the Rams. I think the Rams are legitimate, all right? They don't have to convince me. New Orleans, which leads the south. Minnesota. Teddy Bridgewater is going to be the quarterback for them. And what we're going to be getting, we don't know. They have a great defense. We don't know if they're going to be able to run the ball when Teddy gets in there. And then we have the Eagles leading the division.

So those are the division leaders. To me, it's clear. Philadelphia is the best team right now in NFC.

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